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Revealed At Last! Candid Answers To Your Burning Questions About The REBELS AUTO CLUB

If you have a question about the Club that you can't find here or there is something you don't understand ... let us help by Asking Us Now...

  How many meetings do I have to attend to qualify as an active member?
Actually none. But if you don't attend, you will miss out on many of the events, function and good times of attending meetings. And worst of all, you would miss Margarets cake ... a tradition at REBELS monthly meetings!  back to top

 What year vehicle do I need to have to become a member?
You don't even have to own a vehicle to be a Member. The REBELS AUTO CLUB is all about people. Most just happen to have cars...  back to top

 Can my Spouse and I join under a single Membership?
No. You will both need to have a Membership to attend and participate in all REBELS Events.   back to top

 How many cars are included with my Membership?
Unlimited - The more the merrier!  back to top

 if I join during the middle of the year, do I have to pay for a full year?
Yes. Membership Dues are NOT prorated.   back to top

 What if I need help on my project?
Most members are more than willing to share their advice and wisdom on all aspects of working on or restoring your vehicle.   back to top

 Why don't the REBELS have a drag strip?
We are working on it. Rebels Officers maintain a close relationship with the City of Lincoln, the Chamber of Commerce and the Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau. Bear with us ... we will not give up!  back to top

 How can I contact a Club Officer or Board Member?
Click Here...  back to top

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